PLANED is committed to supporting communities to improve their quality of life by focusing on their opportunities, harnessing potential and helping them to achieve their aspirations.

We do this in a number of interrelated ways.

Partnerships – the development of collaborative partnerships ensure holistic and integrated development are fundamental to the way PLANED delivers its support for communities. PLANED has a strong track record of working in partnership with organisations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Local – The connectivity between eco-systems, economy, land use and services is enhanced by PLANED in supporting communities to engage and contribute to the process of local development.  PLANED believes that local assets, resources and services are the building blocks for sustaining and developing thriving communities. Supporting Community Forums enable people and organisations to come together and be represented at a local level, is the best foundation for development.

Action – Community action planning and collective action is an essential part of rural and local development. Without an action plan the process of community participation is likely to have no long-term lasting effects, as there is no strategy for the community, network or partnership to adopt and work together to implement.  A review of PLANED’s engagement tools and techniques has identified the need to explore new and emerging technologies to complement the existing community planning tools.

Network –Networks are an effective means of informing, inspiring and empowering local people in rural communities.  Networks improve the wellbeing, capacity and resilience of rural communities by promoting interaction, learning and sharing of resources. They serve as a forum for the exchange of information, identifying gaps, identifying opportunities for collaborative working and developing joint projects to meet needs.  In this way, networks can also add value to projects funded from other sources including the public sector.

Enterprise – Creating enterprising communities to achieve a cultural and attitudinal change, helping build more effective, empowered, self-confident and inclusive communities, with a strong sense of local pride.  The PLANED process stimulates creative thinking among local people in the design of economic solutions to meet local area needs, making the most of existing resources and opportunities. It will build on experience, continuing to share learning and maximising opportunities.

Development – PLANED supports and encourages innovation and piloting of new approaches, new processes and new products, continually looking for research and development opportunities.  These actions have often involved the transfer of knowledge and practice to and from elsewhere (i.e. new to the area) with local adaptation and the results of these trials have been widely shared and disseminated, as well as having immediate local results.