Energy Innovation

Smarter Energy

PLANED is a partner in this project, led by Cadwyn Clwyd, exploring the feasibility of Smart Energy grids for community/agriculture based renewables and  projects that address fuel poverty in rural Wales.

Reduction of Feed in Tariffs has made most conventional community renewable energy projects unviable. Smarter Energy will  invest in research and capacity building, looking at:

  • Storage
  • Direct supply
  • Monitoring
  • Controls

A project steering group will be set up comprised of:

  • Farmers and landowners with known capacity for renewable energy generation;
  • Community Renewable Energy Generators;
  • LEADER Groups – Cadwyn Clwyd, PLANED and LAGs active in LEADER renewable energy projects;
  • District Network Operators – Scottish Power Energy Networks and Western Power Distribution:
  • Ethically based energy supply companies;
  • Those with expertise and experience in assisting community scale energy generation – e.g. the Green Valleys Trust , Community Energy Wales and Severn Wye Energy Agency.

The steering group will be the source of on-going communication regarding the project’s deliverables and will be responsible for acting as a conduit for engagement within their own sectors and geographic areas.