PLANED deliver consultancy services to support the public, private and third sector.

Community Led Local Development

A key part of PLANED’s ethos is to share recognised good practice. To do this, PLANED can support you to undertake community-led local development.  We provide the tools for you to have a whole-community approach to solving local challenges and visioning for the future. Please contact PLANED for a bespoke quote based on the activity you require and the size of the community.

We are also keen to transfer knowledge and techniques to you. If you’d like this to happen, there would be a time commitment from staff within your organisation. PLANED staff can lead the process with the first community and local team, and to mentor through further communities until your local team are comfortable to undertake the process on their own.

If you are a local community or town council seeking guidance on increasing participation and setting a future vision, we are happy to help!  Any challenges you are facing on community-led local development please give us a call on 01834 860 965 or email

Research, consultancy and training

If your organisation wants to benefit from 30 years of experience in community-led development excellence, contact us today for an obligation-free chat or bespoke quote!
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1. Facilitation & Training

If your community, organisation or business would like to consult with your stakeholders we can provide the following facilitation service which could be delivered individually or as part of a combined package:
* Consultation events
* Bespoke community engagement support (1 – 1 support)
* Consulting specific groups
* Community / Organisational Visioning
* Action Plans / Place Plans
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2. Funding and Social Investment

As grant funding becomes scarce, organisations have to think creatively if they want to reach their funding goals.  This can mean original ideas for direct fundraising or innovative financial deals and arrangements with potential partners or investors.
Your group could achieve so much by identifying what existing knowledge, connections and networks exist amongst your members, customers and friends.
If you have a local shop to save, a community facility to transform or rebuild, a fantastic product that needs investment – or anything else that will help you build a strong, sustainable community – come to us.
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3. Project & Finance Management

Applying for funding and getting the necessary support for your idea can be daunting and time consuming.  Even more so are the monitoring and reporting obligations that come with the funding should your bid be successful.
Luckily for you, we have decades of experience and can work with you from application through to evaluation – leaving you free to focus on what you do best.
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4. Research & Consultancy

Why does your organisation need to undertake research or consultation?
Simple. Both are excellent tools for building knowledge and understanding, establishing evidence and gaining engagement with your group.  Whether you are a community group looking for info to support a funding bid, or a business looking to test your latest idea, we can help…
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5. Marketing

There’s no point doing brilliant things if no one knows about them!  Marketing is key to your project or organisation’s success; covering advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Whether you want to get some press for a fundraiser, develop your online community, engage stakeholders or create an integrated marketing strategy, we have the tools you need.
Let us help you shout about your organisation and ensure you get the coverage and profile you deserve.

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